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Python SDK API Reference

Python SDK

Highlight's Python SDK makes it easy to monitor errors and logs on your Python backend.

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H() initializes the Highlight backend SDK.

Method Parameters
In Flask, you'll add Highlight in your main entrypoint.
import highlight_io from highlight_io.integrations.flask import FlaskIntegration app = Flask('test-app') H = highlight_io.H( "<YOUR_PROJECT_ID>", integrations=[FlaskIntegration()], instrument_logging=True, service_name="my-flask-app", service_version="git-sha", environment="production" )
In Django, you'll add Highlight to your file:
import highlight_io from highlight_io.integrations.django import DjangoIntegration H = highlight_io.H( "<YOUR_PROJECT_ID>", integrations=[DjangoIntegration()], instrument_logging=True, service_name="my-django-app", service_version="git-sha", environment="production" )
In FastAPI, you'll add Highlight as a middleware:
import highlight_io from highlight_io.integrations.fastapi import FastAPIMiddleware H = highlight_io.H( "<YOUR_PROJECT_ID>", instrument_logging=True, service_name="my-fastapi-app", service_version="git-sha", environment="production" ) app = FastAPI() app.add_middleware(FastAPIMiddleware)


Record arbitrary exceptions raised within your app.

Method Parameters
try: for i in range(20): result = 100 / (10 - i) print(f'dangerous: {result}') except Exception as e: H.record_exception(e)


Catch exceptions raised by your app using this context manager. Exceptions will be recorded with the Highlight project and associated with a frontend session when headers are provided. Exceptions will be re-raised in case you want to have them propagate.

Method Parameters
with H.trace(span_name="my_span"): for idx in range(1000):"hello {idx}") time.sleep(0.001) if random.randint(0, 100) == 1: raise Exception(f"random error! {idx}") logging.warning("made it outside the loop!")