Jun 13, 2023 • 5 min read

Introducing Harold: Highlight’s Observability AI

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Chris Schmitz
Software Engineer @ Highlight

No matter how simple an application is, your users will end up using it in unexpected ways and it's almost a guarantee that your client and server will throw some errors. Highlight allows you to understand exactly what your users are doing and what issues they ran into, but the question often comes up about what to do with all this information. It isn’t feasible to watch every session and it can be a big time commitment to fix every error. That’s why we’re excited to share the news about Harold, the new Highlight AI assistant.

Harold is young and still learning a lot, but already has some superpowers we encourage you to start using today!

Ask Harold for Help Fixing Errors

You’ll now find Harold lurking on your error pages, ready to lay out a plan of action for you to resolve errors in your application. He will analyze your error details like the title, body, language, and stack trace to help you fix any error. He can’t write the code for you (yet), but will usually point you in the right direction to get started.

Harold suggesting how to fix an error

After generating a suggestion on how to fix an error, you’ll be prompted to provide some feedback to help us understand whether these suggestions are useful. This feedback is critical to help us improve Harold’s capabilities, so we appreciate the time you take to share as it will help shape our roadmap for our AI capabilities going forward.

Ask Harold for Session Insights

Ever wonder what to do with that 4 hour long session? Harold can now analyze the events in a session and summarize them for you, providing a handful of insights about what the user did in that session. This can help with quickly understanding their flow in the app and allow you to quickly jump to the interesting portions of the session.

Harold suggesting how to summarize a session

These insights, paired with Interesting Sessions, power a new weekly email digest that summarizes the interesting things happening in your product so you can quickly see new or unexpected usage patterns.

What’s Next for Harold

We hope to give Harold more superpowers soon, especially if our users are finding a lot of value from these initial features. Please let us know what you think of these features and if you find them useful!

Beyond these AI features, we have a slew of other updates to help you wrangle errors and get to the most important user events in your sessions. Stay tuned to everything we're announcing as part of launch week!

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