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Company logo was incredibly easy to adopt, and their team moves extremely fast. We’re getting to the root causes of issues in a tenth of the time that is used to take us; the value here is insurmountable.

Abraham Soto, Blue Cross Idaho
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With, we shifted from a reactive to a proactive approach in managing front-end issues, greatly enhancing our operational efficiency.

Pouya Rad, LifeAt
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Company logo enabled Motion to identify and understand the behavioral patterns of their users, effectively distinguishing between those who successfully used the platform and those who did not.

Ethan Yu, Motion
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With Highlight, we're able to gather valuable insights from how our customers are responding to new features, while continuing to ship quickly.

Sam Kernan-Schloss, Cabal
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Highlight lets us deeply understand our user funnel and how users are using Superpowered. This helps us make the necessary product improvements to achieve our business goals.

Jordan Dearsley, Superpowered
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