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Changelog 26 (11/08)

Client-side network sanitizing

Sanitize your network requests on the client, preventing sensitive data from ever reaching Highlight's servers.

Check out the docs for our web client's requestResponseSanitizer function.

Tracing improvements

We're hard at work on Tracing, building out new features every day.

Check out the latest two features:

  • Traces embedded in Session Replay network requests: Network Request Trace

  • A fresh, new flame graph to better visualize sources of latency: Traces Beta

Next.js tracing support

We continue to roll out improvements to our popular Next.js SDK, prioritizing Vercel support.

Highlight can now consume Next.js's built-in OpenTelemetry instrumentation. This means free request/response spans for Next's Node runtime. We've also re-worked our Next.js SDK docs to streamline your integrations.

We have walkthroughs for both the Page and App Routers, as well as details on our Edge Runtime support.

Java 11 support

We got a request for Java 11 support, so we hopped on it!

Integrate your Java 11 application with our Java docs today.