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Self-hosted [Enterprise]

Our Enterprise Self-hosted Deployment
Interested in deploying Highlight to your own VPC at a larger scale than the hobby deployment? Please contact us via
Self-hosted Enterprise Feature Set:
Native Platform Integrations (Teams, Slack, Sendgrid, etc..)
Native Email Integrations (Sendgrid, SMTP, etc..)
User Management Support (RBAC, SSO, SSL, etc..)
HA Deploy & Persistent Storage
Custom Retention Policies
Automatic Upgrades
Availability Guarantees
Self Hosted Deployment Options

We have multiple flexible options for running highlight on your own infrastructure. While the simplest way to get going is our docker compose single deploy, we support complex deployments that provide better scalability and availability.

  • Docker Compose: Deploy Highlight on a single VM for a simpler deploy.
  • Kubernetes Helm Chart: Deploy Highlight on your kubernetes cluster with our clustered HA Helm deploy.
  • CloudFormation / Terraform / Pulumi: Deploy Highlight on your cloud provider of choice.
Schedule a technical comparison call via
Pricing for our self-hosted enterprise deployment starts at $3k / month. Contact us via