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The plugin for Grafana supports creating alerts that can be configured to notify you when a metric exceeds its normal range.

Configuring an alert rule

From the alerting page, you can create a new alert rule. Choose the data source you configured earlier. You can create alerts on top of any numeric query. The main difference between configuring a query for a visualization versus an alert is that for an alert, you will often want to disable bucketing in order to get a single value for the time range rather than a time series result. Bucketing by Timestamp will require a Reduce step in order to apply a threshold.

Bucketing by Timestamp (default): Bucketing by Timestamp

No Bucketing: No Bucketing

Alerts are not limited to errors - you can create them on top of any resource, e.g. to be notified when a certain network resource is taking too long to respond or when your count of current active users drops below some threshold.